Making cakes was just some of the fun I had while in Idaho.



The Macbook cake was my first fondant cake. The second was my first formal cake made for a wedding.

I made this fondant cake for my niece’s wedding last summer.


7 comments on “Cakes

  1. LOVE the cakes! I saw the first one and I thought, that looks pretty fat for a MacBook. I had to do a double and triple take when I read it was a cake! Awesome!
    The wedding cake is amazing to. Cute blog!

    Thanks so much! Funny that you thought it was “fat” hee hee…

  2. awesome job Holly! I”m sorry I missed you! We didn’t know when the wedding was or else we all would have been there!

    No worries, we’ll be back up for the week of the 4th. :)

  3. I missed it the first time I saw the photos. I really thought that was a laptop.

    Yay! Mission accomplished. 😉

  4. So did I!!!!

    Double whoot!

  5. When I saw the first photo I thought it was real…didn’t realize it was a cake!!! What a wonderful new endeavor and you are quite talented with it!!!

    Thanks much!

  6. Tricking your readers is also fun! LOL…
    I was thinking where’s the 1st cake when you said macbook cake…
    i realised it only after reading the comments,
    am i too slow or retard ?

    anyway those are gorgeous cakes!

    Hee hee, what a fun trick! Thanks much for the compliments. :)

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