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I have a niece getting married next week. I offered to help her with her invitations and cake. I have more confidence in the graphic design of her invitation than her cake but I’m willing to take a stab at it.

Here’s the invitation:

And here’s the first ‘test’ cake.

I’m excited now that I’ve done a test cake at what the real one will be like. Especially knowing I’ll have access to real cake materials and not homemade cardboard frames.

However, it just goes to prove that where there’s a will there’s a way. *snort* I wish you could see the disaster under the top layer of this test cake. It was a cake baked with the cardboard frame on a cookie sheet, and made without eggs because I didn’t realize I only had one when the recipe called for 3 until I was knee deep into the process. It was already crumbling before I attempting to put it on top of a patchwork of rice krispy treats to get it to a 4″ height. I’m still amazed I could make it look anything like a hexagon at all. Blake said it tasted great though and he enjoyed digging into it moments after the test rounds were complete. Their purpose of learning were served and now I think I know what we want to do for real thing.

For my own purposes, I’ll share some of the details that I know today I think I’ll remember but when the time comes it will all be muddled in my memory:

  • wedding cakes are HUGE. You can’t really downsize if you want a tiered cake because you need at least 3″ between each layer to look right and allow decorating. You have to start deleting layers and spacing them with some sort of separation.
  • typical wedding pan measurements are 2″ high, they need to be doubled to make 4″ layers both to look right and to allow decorating space on the sides.
  • rice krispy treats work great as the base, but it takes a ton of them to make the right sized tiers. It took 6 1/2 batches to do the two layers I have a picture of which are only one 2″ base 15″ across and one 2″ base 12″ across. That means it would take 13 batches to do complete two layer bottoms.
  • ganache tends to remain a little chunky even if you melt the chocolate before adding the cream. However, you can remelt the mixture after it’s cooled and it will become perfectly smooth. That can then be re-chilled and whipped into a smooth frosting. Letting it cool for a few minutes after remelting makes a better drizzle as it’s slightly thicker.
  • fruit garnish like lemon or orange rine ribbons can sit for a day in the fridge before decorating. They will harden slightly in whatever shape formed in and hold color without drying for several hours in the open air.
  • doing test runs are wonderful for so many reasons!
  • A few more test cake photos can be found at: Lindsay’s Wedding


    4 comments on “Wedding Fun

    1. Awesome card. It’s much classier than the birthday card I created for my son.

      Thanks, personally I would have done a Star Trek theme but for some reason they wanted classy cowboy – go figure.

    2. Holy
      Freeze the cake and it won’t crumble. I’t can freeze untill you are ready. It will even frost better. the older the cake the better it holds. Thats why they freeze them. Thats what all the bakery’s do.

      Yes, freezing is good. I’m just impatient! ROFL

    3. Holly it turned out soooooo pretty! I love it! What talent:)

      Thanks! You’re too sweet!

    4. Beautiful invitation – cute cake topper 😉

      Thanks much!

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