Defined, Re-defined

To those who know me, it is no surprise that I’m counting down to Friday this week to see Wolverine, and not just because I really enjoy X-Men and the Wolverine character but also because of the actor playing him, Hugh Jackman. So this morning when I was browsing news headlines and saw one of the rave reviews of the new movie, I had to read more. The article dubbed him “sexy beast” and gave him credit for the amazing success of the movie. I saw a video/interview clip on the news page and clicked on it. Here I listened to Hugh answer questions about his physique and the recent title of “sexiest man alive” and all the reasons why I enjoy watching him most came to surface. In short, Hugh re-defined the meaning of being defined and at the heart of his message was how important knowing who you are inside matters most. Few actors can live up to the words, but to me Hugh is an exception. His self-confidence is securely founded in his comfort of knowing and liking who he is as a person. It’s what separates him from many of his peers and it’s what you see that is so charming in the way he handles all the attention, not to mention balance it with his personal family life of husband and father. Everything about him screams comfort with who he is, what he does and the way he shares his talents.

At any rate, as I listened to him describe his definition of value and interest in a person I had to reflect on the simple message and truth of it. One of my favorite quotes was one I heard years ago from Thomas S. Monson and says:

“In decision making, ask not “What will others think?” but rather “What will I think of myself?…”

When everything is swept away, what you think of yourself remains. You can’t escape it, it’s something you must live with every day of your life. When you don’t like who you are misery is sure to abound. When you do, peace and happiness flourish. Many attempt to substitute immediate pleasure for this desired happiness, but they will forever fall short because there are no shortcuts. When decisions are made for the benefit of others, the foundation for personal happiness is eroded and a frenzied focus on self and the appearance of that self results. There is no time for thinking of others, only of self and the constant danger of a facade being unmasked. I can think of no better definition of misery.

Now, I just need to master that question before I make the decision to give into the whim for junk food! Baby steps. *wink*


3 comments on “Defined, Re-defined

  1. Amen! Both to your thoughts on defining ourselves AND your appreciation of Hugh Jackman :). I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how being filled with charity–the pure love of Christ–brings such peace, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks if you know you are right with the Lord. It really is the peace which surpassath understanding. When you are filled with that peace–that charity–you naturally radiate it to others, seeing them in the most charitable ways. And when you don’t… I know the times in my life when I bring the most unhappiness to other people are the times I am the most unhappy with myself. Sigh. We’re all works in progress. It’s a good thing the Master Creator does such good work :)

    *wink* soul sisters. :)

  2. I’m a fan of Hugh Jackman too. I think he’s perfect for Wolverine. I grew up on the x-Men so looking forward to the movie.

    Counting hours here…

  3. What would you say if I told you I saw it about 1 month ago? Movies are on the shelf here by the time you get them in the theaters in the states!

    I’d say it sounds like the bootleg version that was leaked online about that time. *wink*

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