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A couple years ago I shared my first real hair color fiasco, well at least for me. You see, I’m a licensed cosmetologist which gives me a slight advantage although I swore I’d never do my own – yet another example of why you should never say never. *snort* However, after repeated attempts at trying to find someone to duplicate what my former colleague did in the pictures below I gave up.
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So for well over ten years now I’ve been doing my own. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not, sometimes it’s great but it’s a real pain too. Hence, you look at my photos and see this constant yo-yo of short to long hair. Here’s my secret though, this is not as deliberate as it is a direct result of procrastination. When I don’t want to do a full cut I’ll just do a touch up trim which eventually leads to long and grown out, then I finally decide enough is enough and whack it off again. All my photos are like the ones below with a few “in between” grow out stages.
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Length isn’t the only yo-yo. I really liked the highlights my colleague had done and I’ve done them on my own with great success. Again, the lazy factor plays a big role in my hair color going from really dark to highlighted. But you can see in the pictures below how much lift and better it looks with some highlights.
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So a few years ago a new friend, who was also a cosmetologist, asked me who did my hair. I told her I did it myself and she asked if I’d be willing to trade services. The first cut was pretty good, the next not as great but it was still easier than doing it myself and trying to see the back. However, the first color trade was really bad for me. It had grown really dark again:

I wanted to touch up the highlights so it would be like it was before they grew out. But I got this:

If you’ve never noticed my different eye color before you SURE did that day! I looked like you could draw a line right down the middle of my head, one side for light, the other for darker. *giggle* Clearly this wouldn’t do but with so much of my hair so heavily processed I didn’t have many options unless I wanted to burn it all off, but I was able to at least tone it down and make it more uniform.

For my Facebook friends who begged to see pictures of my status update yesterday that I should have known better, here you go. My highlights were all grown out and my hair was really dark again. I was hoping for an even color with some variety and subtle highlights. Now I have to say that although I was letting this same friend try color again, I did have one more positive experience in the middle when I had her use multiple colors. I thought we could duplicate it again but I came home with this:

The pictures can’t really do it justice but you can at least see how patchy and random the blond areas were. I felt a bit like a calico cat. I’m not really into that patchy color thing so I came home and spent more time doing color to fix it.

I like the color but it’s really dark. I think as soon as my hair can handle it I’ll put in some soft highlights. And yes, I’ll be doing them myself this time. So here’s the ultimate lessons in hair dos and don’ts:

* Don’t let someone perform a service you can tell they are uncertain or uncomfortable with.

* Follow your gut.

* Remember it’s just hair!


4 comments on “Hair Dos & Don’ts

  1. OH BOY! I think we’ve all been there! I hack at mine every now and again… Or I have mom! hehe! :)

    Hee hee, yes I think you may be right. *wink*

  2. I never did notice the different eye color until now. Crazy. You’re hair looks just fine to me. Of course, I’m a hair color virgin. I know I’ll be too lazy to keep up with it, so I just don’t even go there. The most color I get is summer sun highlights.

    That’s funny, I always wondered it would be like for them to be the same!

  3. Okay, that was funny! Thanks for posting the accompanying visuals :)

    Always happy to accommodate both the giggles and visuals! *snort*

  4. Boy, am I glad I’m a man. Most of us guys don’t have to worry about stuff like this.

    Good point!

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