Gingerbread Fun 2008

This year the kids decided to do a gingerbread train instead of houses. So we started a couple of days ago making the dough. While it chilled, we created our own pattern and tested it taping the paper templates together. Then we rolled out the dough, cut out the pieces and baked them. As you can see Taylor was very excited to help with this part.

I’m not sure what he had more fun doing, rolling, cutting or building flour mountain ranges. *grin*

Tonight it was on to decorating:

And the final result was one we were all happy with!

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6 comments on “Gingerbread Fun 2008

  1. That looks so awesome… and Yummy! You will have to give me the recipe! I think I’ve only made gingerbread houses once and it was in Young Womens! *giggle*

    It’s so easy! My comment below has the link with the recipe. :)

  2. Holly! I love it! I’m scared to make them from scratch! Such a weenie! What recipe do you use? I love gingerbread stuff. My tree is even gingerbread people. Last year, Jen and I let the kids do some grahm cracker houses. it was fun and i big hit! They want to do it again. I love that train!!

    Don’t be scared, it’s really easy! The recipe and more details are in my reply below. :) Kids love this stuff so much!

  3. How original. I’ve never heard of gingerbread trains before.

    Thanks! It was fun. :)

  4. OMG! You made your gingerbread house from scratch! I always buy mine put together so all we have to do is decorate. Yours turned out amazing!

    Hee hee – yes I do. :) Thanks so much!

  5. Holly ,,,,
    WOWO !!! I didn’t know people still cut those things out 😉 – man – you go girl !! I thought only wilton did that and you just buy those kits and glue with frosting … you rock !! It looks FABB !! You all look like you had a fun time :-)
    good too see you — lots of love — shye

    Holy crow it’s great to hear from you! Skipping to your blog now…

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