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I have one last post on our trip to Texas. On our last day there we went to Sea World and it was the highlight for all of us. The park was perfect and quiet for most of our day there. In fact, the only “crowd” we saw at all didn’t come until about 4 PM and up to that point it felt like we almost had the entire park to ourselves!

The first show we took in was just getting started when we got there and included choreographed swimmers with dolphins. It was such fun to watch!

The second show we took in was one Blake remembered with the Sea Lions. It was all about the mystery case of the missing fish. I managed to capture a few meaningful and crisp photos of the action. The opening “warm up” show was done so well. The guy who did the one man entertainment while passing the final minutes to show time was engaging and so much fun. The kids laughed the entire time! The show didn’t disappoint either.

We walked ourselves silly stopping for fun photos here and there. Surprisingly, Cidnie hammed it up.

Getting wet was of course another big highlight for the kids. Make that getting soaked!

Feeding and touching the dolphins in the nursery was another favorite:

We enjoyed double Shamu shows, the first one during the day:

The other a special Halloween show done at night:

It was a full day of fun that made the next day’s drive home not only worth it but quiet to boot! It was a GREAT week in San Antonio and we look forward to going back.

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One comment on “Sea World

  1. I didn’t even know there was a Sea World in Texas. I thought it was only in San Diego. I went there once when I was a little kid and would like to take the kids someday.

    I know, who knew? LOL It was a GREAT family spot. :)

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