Alamo and Riverwalk

One of our most relaxed days on our trip ended with a trip to the Alamo and Riverwalk. It was fantastic!

Taylor thought museum part was boring. Imagine that coming from our six year old boy. *giggle* I, however really enjoyed it! Then we walked down to the Riverwalk and enjoyed the streets as we went.

The Riverwalk is a fun strip of restaurants, shopping and other business that run along the river. We ate dinner at Boudro’s based on Blake’s co-worker’s suggestions and we weren’t disappointed. We sat right out on the river where the kids enjoyed learning about the different tour cruises going up and down the river, and why you wouldn’t want to feed the ducks from your table.

Naturally we had to take the tour cruise after talking with one of the boat drivers parked next to our table for a while. We ended up waiting for a little longer than we thought for the next boat, hence the kids actually sitting…but it was great.

Then we hooked up with the cousins again for ice cream! Taylor said he was “girl locked” at the ice cream bar and I almost dropped the camera from laughing so hard. He smiled and said it was okay though. Those girl cousins are so much fun!

It was such a fun and relaxed day and evening. The Riverwalk is the highlight of San Antonio and anyone who doesn’t take it in while they are there will be truly sorry!

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6 comments on “Alamo and Riverwalk

  1. I enjoyed your photos! I’d love to go there sometime!

    Thanks. It was such fun!

  2. Something tells me your son would feel differently about a Star Wars museum.

    Hmmmm yes, I think you’re right about that!

  3. I love the Riverwalk and am looking forward to my trip to SA in December.

  4. Love the pictures. That is one of the places on my “must see” list!

  5. Isn’t getting away always the best?

  6. Visiting San Antonio was one of our favorite parts about living in Texas!!! You made me ‘homesick’ today. :(….we are praying that Miss Sam goes to UT so we can retire for a second time in either Georgetown or Round Rock 😉

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