Treasure Hunting

A week ago today was my daughter’s eleventh birthday. (How’s that for family planning when planning is outside your power? My kid’s b-days are a whopping 3 days apart! *giggle*) We took in the Natural Bridge Caverns and dinner at a fun little spot off the Guadalupe river. At first she wasn’t so sure this sounded like a stellar birthday list of activities.

But the first event turned her around as she panned for gems:

Then the cousins arrived and we got to be explorers in a 75 minute tour of the caves. Her favorite part was going down 180 feet and she asked the guide every couple of minutes how far we’d gone down! She also enjoyed how big it was, the bat foot prints on the ceiling and finding things like fried eggs, king faces and the statue of liberty in the formations.

Then it was on to dinner at the Gristmill:

And the smiles came even before the birthday treat that had Cidnie written all over it….Strawberry Shortcake!!

We even got a case of the sillies…

If there was any doubt the day was stellar it was laid to rest when we got back to the room and she opened her gifts. The coveted Nintendo DS she’s been asking for for 2 years now was waiting for her!

I think we’ll wrap this one up as a resounding success. *grins*

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One comment on “Treasure Hunting

  1. Your daughter has really goofy eyes. It’s nice that they can enjoy stuff like the caves. I hope both of them had great birthdays.

    Hee hee. Thanks.

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