Where To Begin?

Do I start with the laundry? Grocery shopping? Uploading and sharing photos? There’s so many options.

I’m proud to say that I did get the grocery shopping done. I made myself go right after dropping off kids at school this morning! I did some laundry before we left so I’ll put that off for a little longer and dive into some photo shares!

I have to start with a fun story of my technology working. As we approached Tucson last Saturday I noticed a mountain outline on the horizon. I was almost positive it was the one described in Stephenie Meyer’s book, The Host but wasn’t completely sure. Well, I grabbed my Kindle and typed in mountain peak in the search option. Sure enough several options popped right up for the book and I read her description matching exactly what I was seeing. I grabbed the camera and starting snapping some photos. As we got closer I found the reference in the book about Picacho Peak just before I saw the first sign. Success. It was so fun to have my Kindle put to such great use!

Picacho Peak Picacho Peak

Next it was on to park fun at Six Flags:

The park was decked out for Halloween fun, and they even colored the water of several water rides in the spirit of Halloween!

On our second ride we got a little wet. Dad and Tay got a little soaked and dad’s phone that was in his pocket didn’t survive.

The kids still weren’t wet enough so we hit this ride and finished the job so we all looked like we just stepped out of the pool!

Dad talked Cidnie into taking on his favorite style ride. Suffice it to say there was plenty of screaming and maybe a few choice words from her.

It was a great start to a really fun week. We wrapped up the evening with a nice dinner at my sister’s where the kids had a right good time playing with cousins. We’re so happy we got to go visit them and have so much fun doing it!

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5 comments on “Where To Begin?

  1. Holly it looks like tons of fun.. Where did you go? I love the cool look of the colored water. I haven’t read the host yet and I can’t find time to read let alone try and get housework done sometimes.. I love your blog…

    Hi Cindy, we went to San Antonio, TX. The colored water was a real hit. I think you’ll like the book!

  2. Ok so after seeing your pictures from Six Flags…we will have to go during Halloween instead of the summer like we planned for next year. That is cool that they change color of the water. We drove past Six Flags on our way home from the airport a few weeks ago in Dallas last week. I wonder if they do it there also. Glad you had fun in Texas. It’s the happenin place huh? Been here for 3 years now.

    Well hunny is walking through the door time for dinner.

    Judy C

    Yes Texas was great fun. I find that Phoenix has really nailed the clean and artistic freeways and roadways the more I travel. Your cruise looked like fun!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. Even better is that they had a Halloween theme.

    Yeah that was really fun!

  4. Hey guys… It looks like you had a great time… We are going to Six Flags here, (Fort Worth) in November, it’s Raytheon family day, so we have the park to ourselves… all the Raytheon families. How do you like Texas? Next time you have to take the 5 hour drive and come up to Dallas and see us…
    we miss all of you…
    Cid, a big bear hug to you… i miss you..

    It was fun. Sea World still kicks Six Flags backside but I’m not sorry we went and the Halloween stuff was really fun too. We did venture another 6 hours in the car after our 15 hour trip to visit the coast on Monday. How are you liking TX? Miss you too!

  5. Hey! I love these pics! And how fun was it that the water was all red? Awesome! Seriouslly though…. It is hilarious that you remembered your kindle in time of need! :o) I have been debating about buying one, it seems you would give me the thumbs up to go ahead with it…. I just have to convince Nathan.

    Awesome eh? Yes definitely two thumbs WAY up. :)

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