A Great Week

I’m typing today’s entry from the hotel room in San Antonio, TX. We are having such a great time! I’m hoping to have Blake help me set up some file upload stuff on this laptop later so I can share pictures on my blog.

Here’s a short wrap-up to date:

Saturday – all day in the car! *blech*
Sunday – sleep in, relax, take in some fun at 6 Flags, nice dinner with family
Monday – Tay’s birthday, drove to Corpus Christi, had a birthday lunch on the bay, went to the aquarium and the beach
Tuesday – sleep in, fantastic lunch, shopping, Riverwalk, ice cream and evening with familly
Wednesday – sleep in, watch TV, catch up on blog, build Erector car………
Thursday – Cid’s birthday, plans to go to the caves and a fun dinner spot
Friday – heading to Sea World
Saturday – another fun, full day in the car…*double blech*

In the meantime, I’m going to go update my Facebook page and get a few pictures there.


3 comments on “A Great Week

  1. This sounds sooo much fun Holly…the best part of it to me…? SLEEPING IN!! ;0) I never have this option anymore!

    YES, this is by far the best thing!! LOL

  2. Yes, sleeping in sounds great to me too. :)
    If you are in the shopping mood any day this week…
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    If not, just stop by the blog and say hello. 😛

    Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. So that’s where you have been. Also, until today, your blog wasn’t showing anything new in Bloglines either. There’s something wrong with Bloglines. They also didn’t any updates in my blog last summer.

    *Giggle* darn those Bloglines anyway! LOL We did have a nice break. I’m finding I can live without my computer more than I could a few years ago…LOL

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