8 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – Seeds of Success

  1. What are you planting? My mom just recently planted turnip greens. She is the master gardener in our family. Lucky for me, she shares the fruits of her labor! 😉

    Veggies. These are the squash but the peas, beets and beans are also starting to poke through! Yay!

  2. Nice!

    Kinda funny how my garden is dying while yours is just being born.

    Happy WW

    LOL – so true….this is the time of year I remember why I live here…hee hee

  3. Cool shot Holly!! WOW! That is so awesome!

  4. At first I thought it’s kinda late in the year for gardening, but then I remembered you don’t usually have freezing temperatures in your area.

  5. Isn’t it so special when you’re able to see them growing…

  6. I was just going to leave a note asking what they were…squash huh?? I so wish I could have a veggie garden. I took a big leap this year and planted a flower garden – and that has been awesome. Perhaps I will tackle the veggie garden next fall.

  7. We just had our first freeze here:( The fields are being harvested and plowed under. We won’t see little green guys like these until next May!

    Hey, it’s my hubby’s 40th birthday today – care to wish him well??

  8. I have never been good at gardening, however I am loving it now. We have corn growing in our backyard. We are so excited!!

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