Wordless Wednesday – My 10 Year Old Multi-Tasker

She can cook, talk on her cell phone (managing multiple calls I might add) and still give me attitude….NO LIE. *giggle*

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11 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – My 10 Year Old Multi-Tasker

  1. really? a 10-year old with a cellphone… it’s a good thing my 11 year old is not asking for one.

  2. cool… my kids are scared of operating the stove because they don’t want to get burn.

  3. Funny pic. I’m not letting my kids grow up.

  4. My oldest can multi-task. She starts multiple things at once, but rarely finishes any of them.

  5. Holly-

    That picture rocks!! She is learning how to be a mother….mulit-tasking many things all at once! :)

  6. LOL LOL LOL LOL…oh, the look she’s giving you. Oh goodness, I know that look so well; particularly how it can be followed up by the eye-ball-rolling, huffy-breathing, goose-stepping, door-slamming. Keep giggling!


  7. That is just to cute! I love it! :)

  8. I laugh at the face she is pulling. I had to cut back on my multi-tasking because it was making look like that too often. :) It is a lot less cute on a 36 year old.

  9. I love this shot. And a chef besides!

  10. What a great photo – that’s how I look the minute I walk into my kitchen 😉

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