ADHD Awareness Week

This week is ADHD Awareness Week. Who knew? Well, actually I knew it was coming because of a few subscriptions but I think it’s pretty new. The idea is to boost education on this condition that affects so many people today. It’s not new, it’s becoming better understood.

So today I’m going to share some links of previous thoughts/experiences I’ve shared on this here along with a few links of other things going on related to this week.

The Results Are In
The Power of Belief
The Results Are In
ADHD Education
A Mother’s Heart
If They Only Knew
The Kind of Person I Want to Be
Torch Passing Teachers
Communication and ADHD
Good News

Ha ha, I’ve written more on this than I realized!

Here’s a few fun and insightful things going on this week:

ADHD experts and professionals answer questions all week for free!
Everything you needed to know and more.
A personal look.

This week I will look at my daughter through more focused eyes. I’ll be reminded of all the amazing things that she is and the talented little ball of energy she has always been. Again, I feel utterly blessed to be her mom.

Thank you Cidnie for teaching mom about so many things that apply to so much in life. I can’t imagine my life without you or my knowledge base without your influence. You are so amazing. Today’s share is for you, for all you are, all you are becoming and all you can become.

Love, Mom

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4 comments on “ADHD Awareness Week

  1. Holly, I lovvvve this shot if Cid…so CUTE!! Her expression is priceless!! Gotta love girl power and the ‘tude is lovely! lol

    Thanks! It’s one of my favorites!

  2. Cidnie is so darling in that pix. That is so her personality too!! She is so full of pizazz & sas!! So cute

    Thanks much. She’s definitely a firecracker. 😉

  3. Great photo and expression. Your daughter could go into modeling.

    Ironic you’d say that…this is from one of her photo shoots! LOL

  4. That’s an awesome pic of Cidnie. Gorgeous!

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