Weekend Wrap-Up

If I had a way of recording the “just missed that moment with my camera” I think I’d have a book! *giggle* I looked out the window Saturday morning and saw the perfect picture of father and son working on the pool together. I wanted to snap a picture of it to share but but the time I got the camera they’d both moved. *murmur* I wish there were a camera implant in my eye so I could just tell my brain to capture a moment! Some of the best pictures are the ones that you’re simply not ready to take when the opportunity presents itself. But I digress, the point is I wanted that picture not just for the archives but also to blog our weekend as it was such a great general capture of our Saturday mornings which are usually filled with yard and pool maintenance, a late morning shower and some lunch related outing.

Thankfully my efforts of keeping my son home from school on Friday when his immune system appeared to be weakening was a good call. We were able to avoid any sickness and enjoy our weekend – yay!

One of our new favorite places to go is the San Tan Village. It’s a new development that combines such an odd and fun combination of dining, entertainment and shopping. It feels a little like walking down 5th Avenue in NYC (except with misters and a fraction of the people) but combines so many other fun elements in a new and unique way. I’ll have to take some more pictures next time we’re there (another missed moment eh?!) So we went to a new place for lunch called Cantina Laredo, which was great and allowed us to take in some fun Olympic events, then hit the theater for the movie and ended the afternoon outing with a stop at Best Buy to purchase the much longed for:

I wanted to share a picture of the family rock band hard at play but I again missed a few of my key photo moments so I’ll have to repent for that later. Suffice it to say I greatly enjoyed watching all three of them concentrate like crazy and rock out. Blake’s been holding out on me. *snicker*

We also got to pick up my old computer (thank you warranty!) so I can add that to the success list. It seems a little sluggish and slow but at least it’s working right and devoid of blue screens and extreme fan volume. I’m happy to have another computer for the kids to use. I’m a little stingy with mine. *snort* It was indeed a hardware failure and the paperwork says they changed the mother board. Darn thing wasn’t even three years old. Oh well, at least we got it fixed without paying for repairs. I don’t know how people do it though because they had my computer for just over 2 weeks. If I hadn’t had a replacement I’d have died for sure! I couldn’t live that long without my computer. It made me wonder if they just assume customers will have other computers to use while they take their time repairing them? I still love my Mac and have adjusted very easily. The right click and mouse wheel actually felt clunky and weird yesterday!

I even stole a few minutes to update some more of my shared files for teaching children yesterday. I missed a Sunday afternoon nap but all in all it was a great weekend.

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2 comments on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. I agree. I wish I had a camera embedded in my head.

    Wouldn’t that be cool? :)

  2. Holy smokes – your weekends are way more productive than mine:) I bet your kids love the rock band thing. And I so know what you mean about the camera! Our kids see a Great Blue Heron and say, “Mom – there’s an Iforgotmycamera!”


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