I Can Do Hard Things

This post is dedicated to my sister today. It’s her 40th birthday and the motto of doing hard things has been a frequent one in her life this past year. Can it really be so long ago that we were little girls together, playing and delighting in Christmas mornings? The hours we spent playing Little House on the Prairie, Donny & Marie…okay some things are best left in memory but I want you to know I remember well.

You shared me with mom and dad even though they’d been all yours for 3 years, and it was hard but you did it. When I was little you were the one who pulled me in the wagon, even when it was hard. You let me tag along when you played with your friends, even when it was hard. You stood by me through puberty and we both know that was hard! You let me go when it was time to move and start you own family, even when it was hard. As a mother you have known more than a few days of hardship, but you kept at it even when it was hard. You earned your nursing degree with six children growing under your feet, even though it was hard. Today you understand a new milestone of maternal love, even though it is hard. Yes my dear, we can do hard things.

My heart is with you completely today. I’m right by your side just like I have always been and always will be.
Love always, your little sis.

p.s. But I’ll always be 3 years younger than you too! *snort*

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6 comments on “I Can Do Hard Things

  1. Sounds like a great sister. I hope she has a great birthday.

    Yeah, I’ll keep her. :)

  2. Happy birthday to your big sis! Love the photos. :)

    What is it about old pics? :)

  3. Hi Holly! I found you from the post you left on Carmen’s blog…which I found from the comment she left on my sil’s blog. Anyway, I haven’t gotten to know you much at church, but I enjoyed the time I had teaching Taylor in Primary. I remember the time you got up in Sacrament and bore your Testimony and mentioned that he was adopted and it really touched me. I hadn’t known previously and I think the fact that I was his primary teacher at the time just really opened up the flood gates. What a sweet little spirit he has, and how lucky that you and your husband have him!

    Anyway, I mostly just wanted to say “HI” and I look forward to getting to know you a little better, even if it’s just via blogging.

    I’m so glad you found me online. :) I look forward to getting to know you better too!

  4. *sigh* You make me wish I had a sister… but glad my daughters have a sister to depend on. I got all teary-eyed!


  5. What a great tribute to sisterhood and to endurance! You give us all a reason to keep-on even when it’s ‘hard’! I hope your sister gets the kind of birthday cake that she likes and that she doesn’t have to make it herself. haha

    Thanks for your great blog! You’re a kindred-spirit!


    Thanks Heidi, now there’s a birthday cake any mom could sink her teeth into! :)

  6. I’m putting a link to your site on mine!
    Hope that’s okay!

    Oooo I love link love. I’ll return the favor.

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