I have to take just a moment today to share some thoughts on blogging today. It’s such a weird word isn’t it? I’m not sure what a replacement would be because this is the only word we’ve known now but it sounds so sluggish to me. I’ve shared in the past my reasons for getting into this media outlet so I won’t go there again. Suffice it to say that everyone has their reasons and when you began is likely a large indicator as to what your reason was. But I will take a moment to share some thoughts about the developments and patterns I’ve noticed since I’ve been a blogger. (Why does that word make me think of booger?)

Stages of Blogging:
1) You mean I’ve got a blog? I just type now? Wow that was easy.
2) How do you keep track of all these other blogs? A reader? What’s that?
3) I can track stats? People are visiting my blog? I can make money? Really? How can I feed that?
4) What do you mean obsessed? I got something else done this week, I’m sure I did. Didn’t I?
5) I said/shared that? Are you sure? Hmmmm…

Styles of Blogging:
1) Coaching blogs: They play teacher from life skills to blogging.
2) Business/Personal agenda: They build platforms for their own products or ideas.
3) Mommy blogs: They’re a league all their own sharing daily life in the trenches while suddenly feeling much less alone.
4) Private blogs: They blog as a form of journaling and scrapbooking.
5) Combination blogs: These are the guys that try a little of everything at some time.

Themes/Fads of Blogging:
1) Ad sickness…surely if I add a few more I can make some REAL money!
2) Widget disease…that is just SO cute/cool!
3) Meme dysentery…join, create…’nuff said
4) Carnival madness…hey, it drives traffic!
5) Reviews/Giveaway migraine…affiliates, ads and traffic all in one!

Of course these are generals and not to be taken too seriously, although if you’ve been around the block a few times you’ll recognize a glimmer of truth in there. You probably even have some funny aspects you could add to the patterns, styles and fads. This past week my husband shared a spoof blog created just this summer on Mormon women. As Homer Simpson says, “Funny, ‘cuz it’s true.” And boy I’m so glad I never fell into that typical category! I feel a new fad/theme coming on in spoof blogs.

I like observing the blogging world and seeing where it goes. I like seeing patterns and watching new developments on the horizon. I like feeling more connected while making some of my own thoughts and memories more permanent. I like watching from the sidelines. In short, I like blogging.

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5 comments on “Blogging

  1. I think you forgot the “I need a blog vacation” stage of blogging LOL! You KNOW i recently took about 6 months off.You are very right, though.

    So true! And the awards thingy too. 😉

  2. I was so amazed at one friend who does start mesuring hwer self by her friends blog. So I just wanted to say;”please, get a life..” You saw my last post…People will find anything to just compete, that is my view…

    Competition is a powerful motivator but it needs to be kept in check.

  3. Thanks for your comments and insights. I’m still in the beginning stages with much to learn. Thanks for sharing some of the common-sense things. It’s sort of a funny phenomenom — as perhaps many new technological advances are!

    That’s for sure, I wonder what people thought radio and TV would originally be used for?

  4. When blogs first appeared, I didn’t think they would last. Boy was I wrong.

    ROFL – some things are as mysterious as how many licks it takes to get to the center of the Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop.

  5. As you know……I could so relate to much of this. Although I never did the ‘ad’ thing on my blog I did do Smorty for awhile. After over two years of blogging I believe I have settled down into a nice pattern of blogging that speaks of the ‘authentic’ me. And thankfully I have found a nice balance in blogging and for the time spent blogging so it doesn’t become consuming which it was doing a year or so ago.

    Somehow I know just what you mean…:)

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