It’s official, I’m converted. A PC/Windows owner for over 16 years, I am now officially the proud owner of the iMac.

I’m tired of buying top line PC’s only to find that within 2-3 years they’re dead or dying a slow death. When computer developers start choosing Mac machines I think it’s a good sign that maybe Mac is doing something better. My PC started having problems a year ago with slowness that we couldn’t find reasons for. Even with all the maintenance and PC tools to keep it clean it wasn’t right. Then a few months ago the system would just stop recognizing the mouse and keyboard during use. A complete power down was the only solution. Then the reboots starting bringing up new error screens and boot up process started getting skewed. It would take multiple off/on attempts to get the machine back up and running. I backed up everything (twice and in two different places!) and hoped it would limp along for a while longer. Yesterday the blue screen of death reared its ugly head and I knew my time was coming to a quick end. In short, a top of the line HP media computer purchased less than 3 years ago was good for 2 years, needed the screen replaced within the first year and started dying the 3rd year. Worse is it’s the 3rd time in the past 7 or so years that the cycle has repeated. That just makes me cranky.

The change has been working for a while now. I’m only married to about 3 software packages, 2 of which can be purchased for the Mac and the other has a Mac equivalent. Most everything I do is online now. 5 years ago I probably couldn’t have lived without my programs, today there are more that I don’t use than I do and those just slow a system down. The Internet connection is more important than any boxed software now for me. These things certainly helped pave the way to transition.

Add to this, for Mother’s Day I got my first iPod and fell in love (yes the iPhone is on the wish list now too!) iTunes rocks and not only does it let me get and control my own music preferences, it also has some slick movie and TV episode download options. This is a perfect fit for our TV free home of the past 10 months. And the final straw comes down to my favorite word: simplicity. One plug, one unit in a flat panel and I have everything including built-in speakers. Yes, that’s a tear of joy rolling down my cheek.

So here’s my new baby.

It made its arrival not a moment too soon. I plugged her in, she welcomed me, took my picture for my profile, found my wireless connection, located my Apple account information and starting working like a dream. It gave new meaning to plug and play. She so quiet I can’t believe she’s running. Her speakers and sound are awesome, the 24 inch screen is a thing of beauty and the crisp images and photos are unreal. I’m adjusting to the sleek, flat keyboard and the typos are decreasing with each passing hour.

My only critique at this point is wishing I had more USB ports and media card reader. However, both those can be remedied with inexpensive add on devices. The learning curve has been pretty speedy, I’m still learning how to navigate my new system and organize things the way I want but it’s been fast and fun so far. The mouse is pretty cool with the ball on top allowing rolling in all directions not just up and down. I haven’t found the “right click” solution/option yet but no worries, I’ll find it eventually. My daughter foamed at the mouth with the little remote that came which pulls up a full screen control for media of TV episodes, movies, music and photos. She can’t wait to dig in to that. As if all this isn’t reason enough to make me happy, my kids work on Macs in their schools which means I’ll be better equipped to help them and what they do at home will be more familiar on the computer for them. It will also make my volunteer time there more helpful, now I’ll know both systems.

So I’m a happy, learning, busy bee today. So much to learn so little time…

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3 comments on “Converted

  1. The “right click” option is either CTL or Apple then click on the mouse. I can’t remember which one!

    I use a Mac at work, that’s how I know! *grin*

    Ahhh thanks! It must be the command/apple key – it works like CTL in windows for everything else. :)

  2. I do like Macs, but I’m sticking to a pc because I can build my own pc and replace the defective parts if I need to. Otherwise, I would switch to a Mac too.

  3. It’s beautiful! I’ve been wanting the Mac Airbook but I’m not sure I’m ready to switch from Windows. Enjoy!

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