Sticky Imagination

My son has been developing a love of tape lately. It doesn’t matter if it’s double sided, masking or duct tape the kid figures tape can fix and create anything. Amazingly, I’m out of tape. But not without something to show for it. While I found the last of an empty roll this morning it was from this artwork created all of tape, odds and ends and a few pieces of a happy meal bucket on my front door:

It started with the center mobile and grew to a symmetrical design on the door. I knew I had to capture it because it’s one of those many things that you’re so sure you’ll never forget and years later find yourself scratching your head trying to recall it. I have to say I’m impressed that his 5 year old brain does stuff like this. I can find patterns, cutting skills, engineering techniques, geometric understanding, balance, symmetry and imagination in this one piece of work. Did I mention that my kids amaze me?

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5 comments on “Sticky Imagination

  1. That. Totally. Rocks.

    What a little creative genius you have. And completely a future DI-er;)))

    Thanks for joining in this week!

    Thanks! I thought it was pretty cool too! :)

  2. That’s great. Maybe he’ll be an artist. My kids are into tape too, but their tape art looks like a pieces of paper with lots and lots of tape on it.

    I think I may need to by stock in 3M. :)

  3. Awesome Taylor!! Keep creating! Hugs!!!!

    It is awesome hugh? :)

  4. I am so glad you see the wonder and whimsy in your sons special project where others might just see deviance. If you let Taylor’s light lead the way, he could turn out to be the next Thomas Kinkade… the “Painter of Light”. Like Taylor, Kinkade was a very mischevious and troubled child… (So mischevious the cops were involved more than once!!!) but look at the joy he went on to present to the world! Please keep pushing Taylor to explore all of his talents, and for heavens sakes KEEP SOME TAPE IN A SPECIAL LOCKED DRAWER FOR MOMMIES AND DADDIES!!! LOL

    Thanks so much for the comment. I love watching my kids grow and develop their talents. I am going to have to hide at least one roll of tape though! LOL

  5. I think that kind of loveliness is worth running out of tape for.


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