A Healthy Day’s Work

I had great hopes of getting work done both outside and inside yesterday. Somehow, the hours seem to shorten when you get into a project and consequently the entire day for me yesterday was spent in my yard. I’m not sad though. It’s always a wonderful feeling to get your hands busy and see the fruits of your labors at the end of the day.

Pictures never do justice to the amount of sweat and work that go into so many things in our lives. And it never ceases to amaze me how something that looks like such a small amount of work is so deceiving. When I began in my yard, the goal was to get the garden bordered with flowers, some of the workable bed tilled and ready for new seed and above all get the weeds under control.

I stopped for flowers on the drive home from taking my son to school. Then finished the one online project that had to be done and went outside. In the hour and a half I had before returning to pick him up I managed to get through the weeds in the front of the garden and a few of the flowers planted. In fact, the picture at the start of this article was taken just as I left to pick him up. After lunch it was harder to keep going because it was getting hot. But he had a friend come over to play and that kept me outside and going. I made it through the rest of the garden, planted the planter boxes and even got through the rose bed. I hate weeds.

Although it may not look like much, it was the product of many sore muscles and a very good night’s sleep. All in all, a healthy day’s work. *smile*

Today I’m hoping for a quieter inside day and some time to catch up on weekend blog reading and computer projects. They’re easier on the hands and back.

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3 comments on “A Healthy Day’s Work

  1. I know how simple garden work looks like unless you are the one doing it. Luckily, winter has returned around here so I can put off yard work until next month.

    Aww the joys of the great equalizer…snow. :) Enjoy your last month!

  2. It looks great Holly! Usually around the first weekend in April I head to Home Depot to get some annuals to plant in pots. We have a lot of shade out back and I stick with the same varieties. I like to get ferns for our front porch, too. There’s something about that simple act that makes me really happy that spring is here. :)

    I know what you mean, the little things go a long way, especially for lifting your spirits. :)

  3. I have 12 inches of new snow in my driveway. I kind of hate your flowers right now!;) My tomatoes have been started inside though, and they are about 2 cm tall. My students are starting flower seeds as soon as we save enough milk cartons. Surely Spring has to come eventually!

    Oh Lisa, I remember living in Idaho and having an entire garden growing in starters on card tables, window sills, you name it. I hated waiting for spring!!

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