12 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – Gingerbread Houses

  1. Those are so great! Look at them all. Did y’all have fun? Happy ww…

  2. That’s a nice house ! Did you do it yourself ?

  3. Those look great! Are they edible too? Happy WW :-0…

  4. They look delicious! Great photos!! Good WW to you & Happy Holidays!! Idaho Daily Photo

  5. Hey Holly,

    Glad I had reason to return to you; I read you often in Bloglines, but commenting ain’t like it used to be :(.

    Anyways……..GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS! Why, they look good enough to eat ;). My kids are older now, but I think they’d still enjoy making these (were they done with a kit?). Yummy, either way.


  6. Those are beautiful! Did you make them yourselves? I’ve always wanted to make a gingerbread house. Maybe one of these days. :)Thanks for sharing yours. Happy WW

  7. Those houses are exquisite! I love them all….and they look de-lish :)

  8. Looks like you made a gingerbread village! These definitely put mine to shame! They’re beautiful!

  9. What a great picture! Your little guy looks so proud of his! How sweet!!!

  10. You guys are really good! Have you ever entered any competitions?

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