As Long As We’re Experimenting…

Well, you may have noticed some new changes to my blog! With my hubby’s help my new navigation bar is up. There are still a few weird IE browser things but in general it’s working great. I’ve been busy finishing the tail end of some of my organization tasks in relation to the new navigation options and figure as long as we’re experimenting let’s add one more. *wink*

A short while ago I signed up to become an Independent Avon Representative. The reason was purely personal. My mom used to sell it when I was a girl and there are a few products I enjoyed and would buy if available. The problem is that most representatives are too gung ho or too flaky. Then as fate would have it I actually had a few people in the past couple months ask me if I sell it. So I decided to at least inquire about it. I figured if I could get my hands on it easy and get a price break as well all the better right? Talk about your no-brainer. There was a $10.00 sign up fee. No inventory requirements, no big sign up fee – benefits of a HUGE empire business. So I signed up. *smile*

The best part is that I can have my own website making it possible for anyone to order anytime. For anyone interested, the link is So here’s the experiment. Now that I have a page on my blog specific to beauty stuff I’m going to incorporate a few things with articles when and as they fit. I’m going to try to link back to the specific item on my website. I’d love some feedback to know if anyone runs into problems with this as well as if it works the way I hope it will. For example, one product I’ve really fallen in love with is a foot file. Living in a climate where socks and shoes are a rare item indeed, I’m more conscious about my bare feet. And it only takes a short time in a warm climate to realize how quickly the heels of your feet can become dry and ugly! This little guy works like a charm. I added him into the end of my bath and in a few minutes easily worked away all the dead, rough and calloused skin. It immediately looked and felt better. I put on some <a href=lotion before bed and they felt as good as new. As a cosmetologist who has both given pedicures and tried many products in the past, I was truly impressed with my $5.00 purchase for both items. Not only is it a fraction of the cost of a full pedicure, it was a huge time saver to boot! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a long foot massage especially if I’m on the receiving end, but this busy mom is lucky to get a few minutes to herself for a bath these days so I appreciate making the most of my minutes. *grin*

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4 comments on “As Long As We’re Experimenting…

  1. I really love the new look of your site. As I was looking at all the different “Holli’s” I remembered how I found your site in the first place – looking for something special I could do for my VT ladies. Now I can also find new things to do for my Beehives. Thanks for all you share.

    Hi Allyson – thanks so much for letting me know that! I do love sharing. 😉

  2. Looking great sweetie. Hey, I didn’t know you were an AVON Gal – I love the stuff and always rack up on their lotions, lip glosses and soaps for my teens for stocking stuffers :)


    Yay! Thanks so much for the warm compliment. I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking stocking stuffers again! LOL

  3. I love your colorful navigation bar. It’s so you.

    I’ll be checking out your Avon site. I love their products but never get around to ordering any.

    Thank you I had a different picture in my head at first but this just tumbled together and it worked. :) I know just what you mean about Avon and it’s been so nice having it around again now that it’s easy to order!

  4. Love the new nav bar. It’s pretty.


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