We Made It!

His first year of official school has come to a close. I’m not sure where the time went. I’m quite certain it wasn’t that long ago that he was just a babe in my lap and then a toddler learning to walk. Yet here he is on the brink of turning five. It’s so fun to watch them grow yet it’s hard too. It’s like every emotion under the sun wrapped into one experience. This motherhood thing is so much more than I bargained for in every conceivable way.

I look back at what a few months can do and just have to giggle. Letting him go the first day was hard for this mom yet just months later we’re both showing off our smiles.

And check out the personality coming out by the end of the school year!

Lastly, I have a little vent. I spent Tuesday helping with my daughter’s class. I have to say I don’t understand why they don’t do the AIMS testing in May instead of April. It’s the big push from the start of the year and with it over in April the last month appeared to be a complete bust. If I hadn’t known the last day of school was today I would never have believed it Tuesday. Walking through the halls lined of boxes with supplies for moving and empty rooms with desks stacked against the walls and kids watching movies all cried “we’re done” to me. I know my memory is kind of hazy now but I don’t remember much more “take down” during my last days of school beyond cleaning desks and doing inventory of books and such. Apparently the teacher’s release time lines more exactly with the kids’ time these days. By the looks of things the last day activities started on Monday.

But the bottom line is we made it! School is out and now it’s time for some unscheduled summer fun. We’ll kick it off right with cousins here this weekend and that will be wonderful. My kids can’t wait, in fact they’ve been counting down the minutes for several hours now! So I guess I’d better finish the laundry!

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9 comments on “We Made It!

  1. Yeah! Summer vacation! Congratulations!

    I hear you on the testing stuff. As an educator, I totally understand the value of testing in a system, but as a parent, I know how much time is wasted at the beginning or end of school 9our testing is in Nov, and it seems the first two months of school are purely review in preparation for the test.)

    But school’s out! Yeah!

    Yes, school is out and we’re celebrating!!

  2. I love the pics, especially the one of you pouting, heehee!

    I know what you mean about parenting being more than you bargain for… I get teary thinking about Anna having grown so much and the fact that Emma will be in school in 3 years.

    It’s so true isn’t it? Tay was so funny in the pouting one because he kept telling me to smile!

  3. Thanks for visiting. I have been away and am catching up with blogging. We homeschool, and the year has gone by fast for us too. I have to say that your kids are very cute and I noticed that you have beautiful eyes!

    Thank you! I never liked that they were different colors until the last couple years. 😉

  4. Holly, thanks for participating in the Carnival of Family Life by sharing this post. Your little guy is so cute . . . such a blessing and reading about his transition makes it seem so long ago that my guys were that age (sniff). The baby is finishing his freshman year in h.s. Where did the time go?

  5. Emil is a Preschool graduate, too! I can not believe it. She asked how much longer to her birthday ,I realized it was only 3 months til my daughter would be six, two months before she starts Kindergarten. I am o.k. with her starting Kindergarten, I am not o.k with how fast I lost my baby, and how much of an adult that makes me.

    Amen to that!

  6. summer vacation already? Where I am from, the kids still have another month to go. And, where I live now, they don’t finish until July!

    Hi Kate, crazy how times and places can differ isn’t it? We start school the first part of August here.

  7. What a sweet smile your little guy has. No wonder you pouted when he started school. He looks like he’s really enjoying himself though. In Maine where I live, school won’t be out for almost a month, but my guys are home anyway so it doesn’t really matter, except when we visit their schooled friends.Thanks for visiting my blog. I got here from the Carnival of Homeschooling and I’m glad I did. I love looking at photos of happy kids.

    Shine On,

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