25 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – 15 Years Today

  1. Congratulations!! Awesome. We hit 20 this year. Happy WW

  2. wow, happy anniversary and happy WW!

  3. Happy anniversary. These days 15 years is a major accomplishment! Congratulations! My WW is up!

  4. Oh…so beautiful…

    Happy 15th anniversary.

    Happy for you both.

  5. Happy anniversary, Holly! Great photo. I love it. I wished we had one like that.

  6. Congrats – a great accomplishment.

  7. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!

  8. Congrats 15 yrs!!!! That is wonderful!

  9. Happy Anniversary – I love seeing the pix like this!

  10. Congratulations x millions! May you still have a long life together ahead of you, filled with joy, laughter and happiness :-)

  11. Congratulations we just hit our 15 in December! I hope it’s a special day for you! Happy WW!

  12. This is a classic..I loce picture like this. Congrats…Have a wonderful day with your hubby

  13. Congratulations, Holly! Congrats to your Hubby, too!

  14. How can it be 15 years so soon?? Happy Anniversary, have a great one!

  15. Beautiful! And happy anniversary!

  16. Happy Anniversary!

    Our ten year is next month…

    Happy WW too.

  17. Beautiful. We just celebrated our 7th. Happy WW.

  18. Oh how sweet! Happy Anniversary..
    Happy WW :)

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