I Found It!

Yesterday was a good day. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted (I never do) but some big things did get done. Like shampooing my family room carpet – blech!, having dinner ready by the time hubby got home (I even duplicated my best corn salsa), getting the dishes done and even swimming with my son. But the cherry on top was finding the long lost gameboy under my bed and the missing “Zathura” movie disk. My son got this movie last month and watched it several times before losing it. We looked everywhere with no success. Yesterday I noticed one of the small portable DVD players by my husband’s nightstand and thought to myself “I wonder” and sure enough there it was inside. My daughter’s gameboy has been missing for several months and she’s been praying that we could find it. Needless to say most everyone was happy yesterday!

One of the biggest lessons I’ve “found” of late is the recognition that balance doesn’t mean perfection or everything being finished. I’m amazed at how much better I feel as long as I’m getting a few of those back burner projects finished. They recharge the determination batteries just enough to keep you going and make you smile. Now whenever I feel like I’m going under I’ll tackle one or two things that have been pushed off for forever and find an amazing amount of balance restored.

Tomorrow is my 15th wedding anniversary. I’m not sure where the time went – that is definitely something I’ve still not found! It’s hard to wrap my brain around the concept. I still feel much the same way I did when I was 20 years younger, I wonder if that inner spirit ever catches up with the physical aging?

So what have you found this week?

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3 comments on “I Found It!

  1. I think time will stand still in many ways if we can try and look at everything from
    a positive viewpoint as much as possible.

    I used to be filled with negative thoughts and doubts but when I turned all that around
    and started to look at things in a positive way,(not always easy to do) then my life
    got better and I feel physically much younger.

    This is SO true! I find that miracles happen when we believe in them. Now, if we just understand how powerful thoughts and the mind really are….

  2. I found Hope today. My rash seems to be getting better so I can return to a normal life.

    Here’s to hope! Hope the rash is gone soon!

  3. I found my kitchen table today!

    Yes, I’m a little behind on things;)

    And my kids lost their gameboy about a year ago, but we know where we lost it — a condo in Tybee Island, Florida. Ooops.

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