Is That White Stuff?

I was blinking to make sure I was really seeing it. It was only one week ago and I had left AZ temps in the 80s and 90s, now I was in UT freezing and being attacked by a hail storm. It never ceases to amaze me how different weather can be just a few hundred, let alone thousand miles away.

My heart goes out to all those people who have experienced the extremes and devastation that accompany really terrible weather. I can’t even imagine the destruction that is still felt today from the aftermath of storms like Katrina or the tornado that just destroyed an entire community. I do believe I’ll take the palm tree weather that doesn’t come with earthquakes or hurricanes.

What’s the most extreme weather experience you were involved in?

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9 comments on “Is That White Stuff?

  1. I’m in Oklahoma, so we have lots of extremes. I must say, though, I would MUCH rather be in freezing temps than our summer heat! My favorite, though, is 80 degrees with jacket-type evenings.

    Yes, your summer heat is humid – triple ug. I’m with you about jacket evenings! We spent a couple weeks in Tulsa after our daughter was born. It’s beautiful if you can take the humidity and bugs!

  2. I went through Hurricane Andrew in south florida years ago. It was scary and we were lucky..Im praying for the victims as well.

    I’ve only ever watched hurricane and tornado scenes on TV or theatre screens, I can’t imagine living through one!

  3. Hurrican Hugo hit NC in the 90’s. It had just gotten to the city I lived in, did what we would consider “major” damage, until we saw pictures of the coast. That’s it. We had one snow storm in the last 10 years but it wasn’t really that bad.

    I can’t even imagine being that close, let alone on the coast.

  4. When I was about 6-7, my dad was fumbling with the keys while we watched a tornado coming down the street towards us. We made it in and down to the basement. The next day, the apartments across the street had a fair amount of damage but our side was good. I’ve actually seen several tornadoes over the years here in the midwest but fortunately none of them did much damage to our area.

    I can’t imagine seeing one that close. We had a really bad storm once when I was a girl babysitting in Idaho where a funnel looked like it was forming and it scared me to death.

  5. 4 days after moving to Indiana, we experienced an ice storm that was pretty amazing. It left everything thickly coated with ice, trees knocked down, and no power for a week. It made me miss a good old fashioned Idaho snow storm :)

    It’s always amazed me how winter storms can do so much damage and yet leave a print of beauty behind.

  6. The ice storm this winter that was followed by a blizzard was the most extreme I’ve experienced as an adult. It took down thousands of power lines and even with crews working 24-hrs a day, it took ten days to get it restored to our area. We were battered over and over with storms this winter.

    The tornado that took out Greensburg was only 136 miles away. I’m grateful for every single one of those miles as I pray for each of those people. That was true devastation.

    10 days with no power is forever!

  7. Ah yes. I was inside at school when that hail storm hit last week. I must have just barely missed it because my car was covered with hail when I came out to go home!

    Weather’s nice this week with temps in the 80s… *waving*

    Gotta love that Utah weather, eh?

    We used to joke that if you didn’t like the weather stick around a minute as it would change…funny ’cause it’s true!

  8. The only thing I’ve really experienced was Hurricane Iniki back in the 80s in the islands. That was pretty scary!

    The extreme weather scares me too!

  9. We’re lucky, we have mild weather compare to the rest of the country. It hs reached 80 just once this year so far. It rains a lot in terms of days, but not in terms of inches. Well, I suppose compare to where you live, we get a lot of rain.

    ROFL – yes almost everywhere gets more rain than where I live. 😉

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