Balance Restored

Well yesterday was a long but very good day and it ended on the perfect note for me. Sanjaya finally went home. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a personal issue with the kid. I just hated seeing the level of the talent pool he was dog paddling in, watching the others swim circles around him yet they were the ones getting eliminated before him. It just wasn’t right. I know it’s American Idol and popularity is a huge factor but I’m glad for the other contestants that he finally went home.

Thanks to my brother in law (who I learned last night actually reads my blog), my house is clean today. A ton of little projects that have been building were eliminated yesterday in preparation for his coming to spend the night with us. Apparently it was the missing motivation for my getting things done. Thanks Ryan! I was actually excited to get up this morning because I knew I had a massive head start on the day and awaiting chaos.

The restoring balance continued in the yard too. My hubby replaced some necessary pool elements that have made a world of difference. It never ceases to amaze me when noticeable and large changes come about by small and simple things. We knew our pool vacuum was on its last leg. But I don’t think either of us understood the difference it would make to have one that really worked well again.

While I was cleaning yesterday, my four year old asked to see “The Disney” book on the office shelf. It’s a scrapbook from our Disney Cruise seven years ago. My first thought was no because I was trying so hard to clean up and didn’t really want one more thing down. But I couldn’t think of a really good reason and I’m trying really hard not to say no all the time as a mom. (It’s actually amazing how many times you can say yes when you make a conscious effort.) So I handed it to him and he was enthralled. For the next hour he delighted in looking at several scrapbooks and loved that he had one that was just his. This morning the first thing he asked for was to see his baby picture book again. Dad didn’t know which one that was but he got a few other scrapbooks down for him. This morning as I went to put them away I flipped through one and was amazed. Not only was I warmed with the memories, but it was fun to admire my work from previous years. I realized that I really have done a lot even though every day I’m kicking myself for all the things I want to get to and never seem to find time/energy to do. That simple experience gave my project batteries a much needed boost and I’m thinking I may even tackle trying to get one more page done this week.

The health front is slow. I haven’t found an exercise balance/routine/option that is working for me. I seem to go through spurts when I’ll do really well with something for a few days, feel great and then fall off again. On the upside, the diet element has improved. Several months ago in an effort wean myself from soda and chips I started buying smaller sizes. This helped a great deal. I found the taste of soda fed the want of chips for me so by cutting back to a mini 8oz can a day I began eating less and less chips. Now I’ve gone off soda completely. I’m past the initial headaches and strong waves of desire for it but I know if it were around I’d cave. I find convenience is a strong factor for me. I replaced the soda cans with bottles of water and am sampling other individual sized drinks that are more health conscious. I’m a little surprised at how thirsty I always am and I feel like I’m drinking 3-4 times the water I did for soda in a given day. Aside from feeling like I’m going to the bathroom every five minutes it’s a wonderful thing. I’ve also tried to get healthier snacks more convenient so I’ll reach for those instead of something less healthy but so darn convenient. I stocked up on granola bars, apple slices, carrots, yogurt and crackers. They’re small steps but they’re helping. My main beef is still exercise (it’s never convenient), and although I try to tell myself the occasional yard work and trips up and down stairs are sufficient I know better. The muscle isn’t going to come without some work and discipline.

The principle of the hinge is proven time and again for me. Tiny adjustments made here have a big and far reaching impact on the sway of the gate. In all the above cases it was little changes that are making a dent. Honing in on the right motivation, maintaining and replacing worn/broken parts, taking moments to review past successes, and determining to not give up are all critical to my success. What aspects do you find the most helpful? Any great tips/tricks out there?

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One comment on “Balance Restored

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    Hi Rod, so glad you’d drop by and leave a comment. I’m SO glad my house is clean today, with the morning I’ve had I may have been insane by now were it not for that!

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