23 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – Caption This…

  1. As soon as it warms up we’re in the pool…

  2. “I told you, I don’t need any sunscreen!”

  3. Typical sexes – girl, sitting up, energetic, mugging for the camera. male – getting down to the serious business of snoozing

  4. How fun!! I am so glad spring is here!! They look like they are ready to catch some rays. Thanks for sharing. How fun.

    Happy WW!!!

  5. Ahhhh, sun!!!!

    Happy WW! Mine’s up too.

  6. Ha! Your drama queen cracks me up. I’m thinking,

    “Mo-om, are you serious? We’re already sitting on tile in swimsuits. Now you want us to build a sandcastle?”

  7. roll on summer
    mines up :)

  8. “You’re taking a picture without letting me freshen my makeup?”

  9. I was going to say Spring fever, but more like Summer madness. πŸ˜‰

  10. “This is the lamest spring break ever!”

  11. Someone’s excited about summer!!! Happy WW!

  12. OMG, he’s got a sunstroke!
    happy ww, hope they are both doing just fine :)

  13. It’s time for what!?!?!

  14. sun! oh my sun!!! hahahah!

    the kiddos for sure are having a great time! no suncreen protection needed!
    so relaxing!


  15. We’ve cleaned our pool, and the kids are looking forward to swimming in it this weekend. Not me, it’s still freezing!!
    Love your daughter’s expression, and your son has the right idea! :) Looks like they are ready for Summer!
    Happy WW!

  16. “Mom, how can such a big snore come out of such a small boy?” πŸ˜€ Great picture!

  17. “You mean this isn’t the beach?”


  18. We are just practicing for summer!

  19. “Young actress poses for photo op while brother lies unconscious!”

    LOL… cute kids.

  20. Missing summer much? LOL — too cute!

  21. Funny! I love Stephanie’s caption…β€œThis is the lamest spring break ever!” LOL!!

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