Stop and See the Roses

I was out catching up on a few blogs and was impressed with Carmi’s question for the day: “When you take a moment to observe what others do not, what do you see?”

Carmi impresses me on many levels. His blog is simple, inviting, engaging and thought provoking. His photos are awesome and I love how he packs so much value into so few words. So I’m picking up his challenge today. A few days ago I shared some photos of what inspires me – the word that defined them all was growth.

Today I’ve gone back and edited the photo of the rose bud and added it’s counterpart taken a few moments ago – exactly 5 days later.

Carmi, this is what I see. It is potential, it is growth. It’s always there, but so often overlooked with harsh judgements, haste or just plain ignorance. This is what I strive to take the time to observe. Thanks for helping me stop for a moment and share – not just stopping to smell the roses, but stopping to see them.

So it’s so NOT wordless, but it works for me so this will be my WW post this week. *wink*

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29 comments on “Stop and See the Roses

  1. Always loved budding roses, instead of full-bloom roses. After reading your post, I guess I now know why.

    Have a great Tuesday (and Wednesday, too!)


    Well, it sure works for me!

  2. Ever notice how a person’s pics seem to mirror what they’re feeling? I wonder if a person mainly shoots roses if it makes for a rosier person. In any case, you’ve got a way with the words and the pics, that’s for sure. Hugs back.

    I have noticed that, I find so many things reflect our personality – including my kids….LOL That’s a loaded comment to be sure…Thanks for the nice compliment!

  3. I love the sentiment of your message, Holly. You took the time to observe, and in doing so you recognized potential realized. This is such an inspiration – as is your kindness toward me and my work.

    I can’t thank you enough.

    BTW, we’ve had some happy news from our corner of the world. Details on my blog.

    You deserve it. 😉 Congrats on the new addition too!

  4. Beautiful post. Sometimes people are so quick to judge the thorns that prick that they miss out on the beauty of the rose.

    Amazing how many great lessons we can pull hugh? Love the thorns concept!

  5. I am glad you included both pictures. What great shots!

  6. Flowers to me means arrival of spring !

  7. Very lovely rose. Nice color too.
    Thanks for the visit.

  8. Beautiful photos, and a lovely sentiment too – very thoughtful words :-)

  9. Thanks for the great post! I cant wait to visit the blog you mentioned and thats a great question and beautiful photo!

  10. Wow, their beautiful. The only thing better would be to be able to smell them too.

    Wordless Wednesday Guess-It is up. Go and take a look and guess!!

  11. they look so beautiful and thoughtful stuff..

    happy ww!

  12. beautiful flowers…the colors & the capture! fantastic!

  13. Beautiful roses, love the color.

  14. Beautiful photos and thoughts!

  15. I am wordless. 😀

  16. Great editing job! What a difference a few days can make! My WW is up!

  17. Beautiful Holly! I really love the technique you applied to the picture, the haze is gorgeous!

  18. I love roses too!

    Those are beautiful…

    (I feel like I’m repeating everyone else.)

    Happy WW! Mine’s up.

  19. What a touching post. And what a great reminder that we all need to stop and smell the roses. Thank you!

  20. The pictures are simply beautiful and your comment is wonderful, Holly. Thanks for reminding me… Have a great Wednesday =) Sanni

  21. I can almost smell the rose.

  22. You are so right. Observe the small things, and you’ll learn to interpret the big picture. If you start the other way round, it may end with a catastrophy.

    Thanks for sharing this WW thoughts and flowers

  23. Simply gorgeous and I can smell them from here! Beautiful thoughts to go along with the beautiful flowers!

  24. So at 2:00 PM on Thursday, I finally get around to looking at a few WW posts! Oh boy;)

    I LOVE the rose on the right. Gorgeous! Did you do some photoshopping on it? or a lens filter or something? It would make a great greeting card, wouldn’t it??

  25. Oh, and as usual, your sentiment is marvelous. Actually, your whole post could be a greeting card.

  26. I’m back from my cruise and the answer to Wordless Wednesday Guess-It is up! Go see if you hit the jackpot!!

    Good Luck~

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