40 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – Pah…leez

  1. I’ll add my link to your list tomorrow since mine isn’t up yet, but I’m really glad to see she’s learning one of the most important techniques we learn as girls… the ever-so-important rolling of the eyes!

  2. I personally like the accessories. If you’re going to have attitude, why not dress it up?

  3. A good eye-rolling definitely speaks a thousand words!!!

  4. She has very big eyes to roll.

  5. Oh, I predict many, many more of these looks through the course of her life!

  6. Every woman needs to know how to roll her eyes. I see your little one has got the technique down pat

  7. Oh, I love this. Happy WW.

  8. She does not look too impressed.

  9. Is this the game where you sneak up behind her and slap her on the back so her face stays that way? I saw kids do that in a movie once. :)

  10. I’ve seen that look before….just think what you are in for when she becomes a teen!

  11. My daughter is only 20 months old, but I suspect I’ll be getting these looks in a few years. :)

  12. Ha! She is so expressive – especially her eyes. What a hoot!

  13. We used to have earings like that for daughter a few years ago! -Beware, they broke pretty easily! But she had fun with them while they lasted! Im up!

  14. My 9 year old granddaughter does that too. I want to pop the back of her head sometimes! LOL Cute Great WW

  15. HAHA I have a five year old who has that look pretty down pat too. Happy Wednesday.

  16. My youngest son is good at this, lol. Great photo.

  17. And they wonder why children always get what they want.

  18. Lol ! I love the “look for approval” look !

  19. Thats funny MIchael. I forgot about that movie..What a face!

  20. This is a great shot of the ultimate woman-weapon! Thank you for sharing ! :)

  21. What an excellent photo. And in this situation: Stay wordless.

    Fantastic entry

  22. It makes me wonder what she’s looking at, lovely picture. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  23. This photo reminded me of my childhood days.


  24. “Put the camera away mum!”


  25. Do they EVER outgrow that???? Ours are adults and still do it! Really good capture.

  26. LOL! Oh, I know that look. Mine learned it from me. *snort* Great picture!

  27. Tee hee hee! I love the comments as much as I love the photo!!!

    So true! So true! My 7 yo son–who has huge blue eyes–has learned it from me as well and does it quite well…

    Mine’s up (after a few weeks of vacation time)!

    Happy WW!!!!

  28. So, what is up there? LOL

    Happy WW! :-)

  29. when i was a lil girl, i did that when mommy scolded me..
    and now, i still roll my eyes not to mommy but to hubby! hahahhaa

    great pick!!!

  30. Does she look innocent or what?! Happy WW!

  31. Oh, how often I have seen this look…….Cute!

    Thanks for visiting my WW. I’ll have a post up by Friday explaining it.

  32. Awwwww, so sweet. Looks a little bit guilty =)

  33. What a great expression, great capture! D :)

  34. She’s got the eye-rolling thing down apparently :)

  35. The answer is up! Go check whether you’ve hit the Jackpot!

    Good luck!

  36. Oh, do I ever know that look. Cute!

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