Yet Another Great Use for Press ‘N Seal

Want to get that completed puzzle flipped over so you can glue or secure it for framing? Try this!

Yet another great use for Glad Press’N Seal wrap.

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3 comments on “Yet Another Great Use for Press ‘N Seal

  1. That’s a great idea. I have been meaning to give this a try. Does it really work as well as the commercials make it seem?

    I like mine a lot. I still grab a ziplock bag when I need a bag and my foodsaver when I need a vacuum seal but this is by and far the best plastic wrap I’ve ever used.

  2. Great idea, I had never thought of that! Now, if I could only cover my kids from head to toe…

    ROFL – did you see the great WW pic yesterday of the toddler taped to the wall with duct tape? That was classic.

  3. This is a great tip! I have a puzzle that my students completed and I want to frame it soon.

    Thanks, it was one of those happy accident ideas that worked great!

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