It Wasn’t Long Enough

I gave in to my lazy bone last night against my better judgement. I figured it had been several years since I’d done a generic casserole for dinner and seeings how I couldn’t even remember the last time, thought it had been long enough. I was wrong.

We are not casserole people at my house. Our taste buds have been refined and spoiled by fresh mex, delicious entrees and tasty salads/side dishes. I made a basic Tater Tot casserole with a hamburger base. I’d hoped that being told last week by one of the 16 year olds in my class that it was their favorite food that maybe my kids would go for it. I added more seasonings, veggies and layers of cheese in hopes that it would compensate for the basic blah base but to no avail. My daughter picked out all the Tater Tots and left the rest in her bowl, my son took one bite of the hamburger and said “No thanks mom, I no like it” and when I told my husband that I remembered now why I don’t make or like casseroles he remained perfectly balanced in his response that it was just food to fill your stomach and that is its purpose anyway. I believe that’s the politically correct way of agreeing with your wife. A few hours later while watching American Idol I commented how yucky that dinner was and my daughter said, “Yeah, it was pretty bad mom.” Case closed. No more casseroles at my house.

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4 comments on “It Wasn’t Long Enough

  1. I have made a few of those *giggle* It sounds like your kids have particular taste buds, meaning their momma knows what she’s doing in the kitchen! *sigh* I wish my kids would just eat without deciding 2 days later that they hate X, Y, and Z.

    ROFL – who knew kids and eating could be so tough? LOL My daughter has always been great, but my son is SO picky he makes up for both of them!

  2. Oh, that’s too bad — we love casseroles. Well…some of them :)

    Yeah, I was a little bummed but at least there are some that are entree style that can be pretty good!

  3. Some casseroles are great, others not so much. I have made a tater tot casserole that actually sounds much like the one you made. It was virtually inedible. LOL

    Definitely a not so much one! LOL

  4. That is too funny. I can relate. My husband was a food and beverage manager at a really nice country club in Florida when we got engaged and he is a GREAT cook. That said, we have really steered clear of processed foods (NO hamburger helper here) and casseroles although I do have a chicken and wild rice casserole recipe from Southern Living that is very good!

    It’s tough in the winter, though. We do a lot of soups, chili, etc.

    In the summer we love to grill fish, steaks, chicken, with fresh veggies and salads.

    OK now I’m hungry. :)

    p.s. now I DO love just good plain ole tater tots straight up…especially from Sonic! Ha!

    Sound pretty darn similar here right down to the regular tater tot!! Darn that dining out giving us refined taste buds…LOL Now I’m hungry too!

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