Wordless Wednesday – Remembering & Gearing Up

It’s hard to think this was almost 3 years ago already! But what better way to gear up for a return trip to Long Beach Island this summer?
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37 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – Remembering & Gearing Up

  1. Nice photo!

    Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog.

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  2. Summer, sun, sand, family & fun – there´s no better recreation. I´m sure you will have as much fun as in 2004 when visiting Long Beach Island this year =)

  3. This one is the opposite of my snow picture. What a beautiful summer picture. Your family is gorgeous!

  4. A cute family! I wish we had a beach close by.

  5. Hope you have a great trip. thanks for stopping by my ww

  6. That looks like so much fun – especially when it’s 10 degrees outside here!

  7. Great idea! Maybe I should do that with my Hawaii pics. I could use some warm thoughts over here! My WW is up!

  8. nice photo. my WW is up early too.

  9. Memories are wonderful. Time sure passes us by quickly doesn’t it. Thank you for sharing the photo. You have a nice looking family Holly. My WW isn’t up yet. I was just browsing blogs. It isn’t Wednesday here yet.

  10. Mustache & a goatee??? *snicker* No, forget a snicker… all out ROTFLMBO!!!!

    Sorry Blake! (It’s because I first knew Blake when we were Cid’s age!!)

    Happy WW! Mine’s up too.

  11. That’s a beautiful picture! Ahhh, I would so love some of that weather right now… but in summer I will be complaining too. I’m kind of hard to please, I’ll admit it. My husband says I have a 4 degree comfort zone, LOL!

  12. Great photo. Mine is up too.

  13. Earlier today, I was looking at our pictures from vacation last year, and it’s amazing the subtle differences in their faces and appearance in just one year. Even when they’re tween/teens. Thank goodness for photos!

  14. Great photo. I am new to wordless wednesday, so be kind…

  15. I’m looking forward to some Summer fun, helps me warm up with it being so cold. You have a beautiful family Holly!
    Happy WW!

  16. We’re opposites today. You’re running hot on your blog and I’m running cold.

  17. Wow! This made me feel warm! Great looking family.

  18. Sweet! Time flies doesn’t it?

  19. Great photo. :) Fun on the beach. :)

  20. time goes by so fast.. nice family picture!

  21. Quite cool pic! Have a happy WW!!!

  22. Given the cold weather today this is a perfect photo and heading to share! Makes me a bit warmer!
    Thanks for stopping by my place today! Happy Wednesday!

  23. Oh, beaches…. I love that, longing for the summertime! What a memory and how nice to have something like that to look forward to!

  24. Lovely family portrait.

    Mine is up now. Happy Wednesday!

  25. Don’t forget to show us the new pictures from next year so we can see the difference.

  26. What I would give for a nice warm beach right now.

  27. What a great picture..What wonderful memories your children will have

  28. Very nice photo. They look very happy.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Please stop by my blog too!
    I will excercise for comments!!!

  29. That’s a nice beach pic. It makes me wish summer were here!

  30. I wish it was warm enough for a trip to the beach! Great picture! Thanks for stopping by my WW!

  31. Thank you for the summertime memories.

  32. A great picture for WW. I wish it were warm enough to be on a beach now lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  33. OH, that’s almost painful to look at in bleak January! Great Picture!

  34. It would be cool if you could get a recent shot in the exact same pose and compare them!

  35. Maybe that would help warn us up — looking at summer pictures!! I agree with the above commenter — it would be neat to take a new shot with everyone in the same poses when you go back.

    Thanks for visiting me yesterday. :)

  36. oh – that looks like a wonderful day! Hope you have another great trip this summer. :)

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