This Isn’t Right

I don’t miss cold winters. I’ve never once felt bad about moving back to the land of sun this time of year. This year is no exception in this regard, but it sure is for cold temperatures.

My draw dropped when I saw the forecast Sunday night predicting an overnight low of 22 degrees. That is unheard of. We usually get 1-2 nights a winter when we hit the freezing mark of 31 degrees, but low 20s is highly unusual. We left the pool pump running through the night to avoid freezing, unhooked the outside hose and hoped for the best. The only thing that eases the pain is hearing from my mom how they’ve been in the negative numbers every night and barely in the teens for daily highs. At least it’s not THAT cold. But it was cold enough to do some serious damage to much of the plants and trees here.

Seeing this makes it very easy to believe the news reports of CA losing 75% of their citrus crops. I’m ready for the cold weather to move out! My beautiful Canna plant was just starting to show the prettiest blossoms and now it lay in brown ruin by the side of the pool. All of the ficus trees that once boasted of the deepest green are red and brown. What’s it like where you live?

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2 comments on “This Isn’t Right

  1. Today’s high is 41 and going to 27 tonight. I want some firewood!!
    I’m glad we got our stalls finished for our horses….poor babies!!
    This past weekend we were wearing shorts and perspiring as we worked in the yard –
    where did that go?

    Amen to that! My mom told me of so many suffering cows in calving season in cold areas – – they can’t lick them clean fast enough to keep them from freezing. That is SO sad. I feel SO bad for animals that have to endure the elements.

  2. That’s just wrong. Brrr! While you’re trying to keep warm, you can keep busy with this gosh awful meme I just tagged you with!

    Gosh awful is right! LOL But hey, I’m game. ;o)

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