Note to Self

Next year, don’t think you can take on the year’s scrapbook DVD in one or two days. Leave yourself and entire week. Further, don’t start the project on the week you want to mail it, do that the week before. Everything always takes longer than you think it will, but this dear will take many times longer than you remember.

Read this next year sometime in November and you’ll have one more thing to add to the list of things you’re grateful for. *wink*

Don’t you just love it when your memory and expecations are a little hazy? LOL


4 comments on “Note to Self

  1. We. Are SO. Alike.

    Well, I can’t imagine better company then!! ;o)

  2. A DVD! Are you kidding? Man, I can’t even get Christmas cards out in two days.

    LOL – Thanks for making me feel better!

  3. Christmas cards? What Christmas cards?!?

    (Let alone an attempt at a DVD!!!)

    That is way cool idea though!

    Well, about half way through I was thinking to myself how I wish’d I’d forgotten meself… *laugh*

  4. What program did you use for the scrapbook DVD…not that I will get to it…much less my christmas cards…but I like to dream about the impossible 😉

    I use Adobe Elements and Photoshop, although I use a handful of other software for related tasks, like Picasa to find pictures, Macromedia Fireworks to do image creations, etc. Software is what makes it possible, the hard part is squeezing out a little more time to learn it. ;o)

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