To Be A Child

It’s been a few weeks since I got my PTT post submitted. As this week has started with a bang and me having serious blog withdrawals with no time to read or post, I’m putting it at the top of my list this morning (even if it is Wednesday now, let’s pretend it’s still Tuesday for just a minute!)

Last week we had a Christmas party at our church. I love that they do this because it saves me a trip to the mall so the kids can sit on Santa’s knee. This year’s Santa was truly amazing – both in look and in spirit. He talked with the kids for a few moments first about how Christmas isn’t about him, but about Jesus and how happy it makes him to make kids happy. If you wonder how this was received, check out my son:

He was completely enthralled, full of anticipation at every word Santa said! When it was finally his turn to sit on his knee (this being the first positive experience when he was just old enough to WANT to and not cry), I tried to get close enough to hear what he asked him for and get a few pictures. To my surprise I heard Santa say, “A dog? Oh dear, we’d better consult mom and dad on that one.”

On the way home, we asked him why he asked for a dog. He thought in silence for a moment and then one of us told him we thought he wanted a bike. The response was so sincere and immediate “Oh darn it.” My heart just melted. He thought he had one chance to ask Santa to bring something and now he wished he’d asked for a bike. We were quick to reassure him that we could let Santa know he really wants a bike to which his response was equally sincere and immediate. He got all excited crying out “Yay!”

To both of my kids, I send my love, thanks and appreciation that they only ever ask Santa for one thing. This year Santa didn’t ask the children what they wanted, but rather what the one thing they wanted most was. I thought it was kind of sad that it was necessary, but at the same time, was grateful he’d do it. Moreover, I’m grateful that it made no difference to my kids on their reply – to the point that my sweet 4 year old thought he had but one chance to get it right. I LOVE being a mom!

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8 thoughts on “To Be A Child

  1. These are the “mommy moments” that get me all twisty inside. I love being a mom too and being able to see the world from their perspective…it is enlightening and so refreshing.

    Amen! I’m lamenting not being able to leave a comment on your blog today! :(


  2. That picture is precious!
    I am glad I am not the only one who has been too busy to blog. I’ve gotten a few (mostly quick) posts up in the last few weeks, but today is the first time I’ve done much visiting. I’ve missed everyone!

    I’m with you all the way!!


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