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One thing I love about my daughter is how young at heart she has remained despite her “advanced” social skills. She’s at the age where kids at school are really starting to talk Santa. I remember that time – I remember wanting to hang on to the belief even though everything logical said it wasn’t possible. I still love good Santa movies because I like to be reminded of what it feels like to believe in something so big and magical.

Well this year I found a great online resource:

She has had so much fun on this site. She got to write Santa a letter and she printed his response to take to school this week. I just want to thank people like those at who help keep this season magical. If you have kids, you should let them play here this year.

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13 comments on “Santa Questions

  1. Great site, my kids will love it! Thanks! Laura (org junkie)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! ;o)

  2. A great link, my younger kids will love it.

    It’s been a fun way to field a lot of Christmas questions and energy at my house!

  3. I’ve seen it… I’m just glad mine is too young right now to have to deal with it. :o)

    I still can’t believe mine are as old as they are – – – they sure grow fast!

  4. How old is your daughter? I think my eight year old still believes in Santa! Checking out that link now… 😉

    She just turned 9 in October.

  5. We’ve used this website in the past — it is so great! Fun games too.

    We’re wondering what will happen this year. We figure Deena would discover the truth as a fourth grader. But now at home….

    I wonder if we’ll be able to keep the magic a bit longer??

    A really great site, though, I’m glad you shared it.

    I know exactly what you mean. This site proved very helpful to me in both answering questions and feeding the magic this year. I’ve also heard the Grand Canyon Polar Express train experience is wonderful….

  6. WOW what a GREAT site!! My son will LOVE This…. Heck I may write Santa a letter. Let me tell you how much I love the spirit of Santa. Each year I send a letter to EACH Family Member from SANTA… I cater it to each person (my 3 children and even my hubby gets one). They usually arrive about 2 weeks before Christmas and says stuff like Santa was so proud of you for getting that A in Science, you will get something VERY special under the tree. And for my Hubby its a bit naughtier…LOL

    Anyway! TY for sharing the link :)

    What a great thing to do! I think this type of activity really helps balance the commercial aspect of Christmas as well as feed the right magic elements. Smart mom. ;o)

  7. I found that site last year and Girlie Girl just loved it! It was fun for me, too!

    My daughter wants to try one of every recipe in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen! ;o)

  8. Great website! I hope they still have it when my kids are old enough to understand :-)

    Here via Carnival of Family Life

    I hope so too – tools like this are so helpful to me!

  9. That is a great site. I think keeping the idea of santa alive is good for everyone, even parents. Christmas is that time of year when we can all be kids again, and believe in something.

    Here via the Carnival of Family Life

    Hi Lisa, I totally agree! ;o) Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  10. Hi Holly!
    Thanks for your visit!
    And you are rigth: Motherhood is the most amazing thing in the world!


    You’re so welcome. It is AMAZING!

  11. Hey Holly 😉

    Here via carnival of family life. My daughter will LOVE this!!! Thanks!

    Yay! My kids are sure enjoying it. ;o)

  12. We have visited this site before, I love it! Even though Anna knows there is no santa, she has a lot of fun on that site. Thanks for reminding me, I will have to check that out again! Here from the CFL (but I would have been here anyway) :O).

    Sometimes I wish I had a photographic brain and memory so I could remember all the great stuff I’ve seen!

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    this page is very intersting.

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    Hope to see much more from you in the days!

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