For Taylor & Marci

It’s official. He’s four years old today. Birthdays bring mixed emotions for me. I celebrate the day my children were born and revel in the memories of all their years to this point. And my heart aches for their amazing birthmothers who not only gave them life but a loving family too. This goes out to my sweet birthday boy and his wonderful birthmommy:

I didn’t even know you
the day I got the call.
We met four years ago today,
inside hospital walls.

Four years our family waited
to have another child.
Mom and dad’s faith faded,
but sis prayed all the while.

She didn’t miss a night of prayer
for two full years it’s true.
And so on her fifth birthday,
her best gift was you!

And now today as we reflect
the day that we all met,
I can’t help but contemplate
the gratitude—the debt.

A loving Father let you leave
His loving, caring arms
to come down to this mortal world,
where I would be your mom.

But unlike others, your path here
would lead you to another.
One who would give birth to you;
she’s your dear birthmother.

How I wish to tell her
the joy you bring each day.
How your family loves you
in all you do and say.

It doesn’t matter how you came
though to some it may seem strange.
Both your mothers love you so
And that will never change.

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7 thoughts on “For Taylor & Marci

  1. *sniffle* Holly, that is beautiful.

    I admire you and Blake for your courage and determination to help create families. You two are truly special people.

    I hope he has/had a happy birthday!!!

    Usually I don’t but today I send {{{{{hugs}}}}}


  2. That’s so beautiful! My niece had a baby when she was young and she did an open adoption. She’s always stayed close and now is raising her second birth child, Ethan.

    I think its so beautiful when people can make adoptions work – in whatever form.


  3. Have I mentioned lately what a wonderful mother you are and how much I love you! You are as special as those precious grandchildren! Mom


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