And It Came To Pass…..Not To Stay

My weekend helped me live this phrase! We had such a relaxing weekend at home and although it wasn’t complete devoid of any strife or moments of parental overloads, it was so reviving! I love that the Lord put hour limits on our days. No matter what else happens there is always only 24 hours in a day and then a new one starts. Thank heavens!!

So today starts with a full schedule, but a renewed vigor and energy. This past weekend I was struck with some advice that “It’s never done.” This hit me because I’m a finisher and always focusing on finishing tasks to complete things and have them be done. I’ve often spent days thinking, “Man, when I finally get things done that I want I’ll be so complete and things will finally be finished.” This is usually in regards to getting caught up on the scrapbooking, writing, computer tasks and many other back-burner tasks. So I think I needed to be reminded that I will always be moving, that the point is the journey itself. I will finish tasks, but life will never be done. My work will never be done. There will always be something new to take place of the old or completed. Silly how such a simple truth can help shift your focus just enough to help regain some sanity.

I’ve been working on repeating the daily mantra of the winner I was born to be. This morning is the first day of the rest of my life! Here’s to making it wonderful. *wink*

Update: 10/4/06
And thanks to Lynn this morning for pointing out this! I think I need it too! LOL

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One comment on “And It Came To Pass…..Not To Stay

  1. Holly, I love that Daily Mantra, and have added it to my mornings, right before blogging and coffee! Thanks! :)

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