When Someone Cares

Lov'nI’m always amazed at how simple our basic needs as people are. We need to feel loved, accepted and valued. I’ve been reflecting on the people who meet all these needs for myself lately. And I’ve been thinking about other people in my life who I love, accept and value and I’m amazed at how large this pool is.

It’s funny how a simple note of you or a recent blog entry on someone else’s blog will give your heart a kick start. The first time I saw one for myself was before I’d written more than my introduction article. It was from my loving and prodding husband. Last week I got a surprise one from Wendy that made my day. It’s fun to see my blog come up on a recent carnvial too, and there’s something to be said for comments from others on your blogs – they’re all part of the love experience. But there’s something about an unexpected link that just really does something to me. To all who have given me a kick start I send you my sincere gratitude and a big cyber {{Hug}}.

As parents we often forget the impact we have on our kids simply by caring and doing what we do every day for them. But we should never underestimate our influence. Today Angel reminded me of this and I really, really, really, encourage you to check out the video she shared if you’re needing an inspiration boost. For this dad, what he did was probably more ordinary for him in light of meeting the needs of his child, but to all who watch we are in awe of the extraordinary that is displayed.

So whose heart are you going to kick start today?

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3 comments on “When Someone Cares

  1. I remember what it was like when I first started blogging. I couldn’t believe that people found me and actually read what I’d written. It was a great feeling! Welcome to the Blogosphere!

  2. Thanks Kailani! It is a great feeling and fun to watch the blog take on a life of it’s own. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment! I love the picture of your girls and the dollhouse today!


  3. I remember the thrill of my first inbound link – SO exciting! Glad to know I made a difference – your active participation and commenting on my blog makes a big difference to me too. :) Group hug!

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