You Think That’s Funny? The his/her perspective

LaughHis perspective:
This one is too easy. Generally men find anything funny that can be reproduced with a sound effect. As a result, men tend to be better at creating sound effects in order to retell a story than women. Sorry women, I’m not sexist, I’m just saying that not many of you excel in sound effects. 

Guys tend to find humor in dumb things. Sound effects, people falling down, people getting hit by people, sounds effects related to people getting hurt and sound effects related to body functions.

Women … well, I’m not sure there’s an easy category in which to generalize humor that appeals to women. Some women, like my wife, like puns and wordplays. I usually just raise my eyebrow to that kind of stuff. 

My mom seems to like a good joke. A previous coworker liked a good story retold with a great deal of energy and emotion. Guys will find this stuff funny also, but it’s a lot more work than just kicking out a solid burp at the end of lunch. 

Her perspective (true to form with women needing to have the last word):
My mom tried to warn me.  She repeatedly told me that boys were different from girls.  I noticed this as a young girl but only now do I see how this education is life long. 

Take the topic of humor.  Guys have their own special group for many things and this is one of them.  Not only do they create an entire vocabulary base for things (a post for another day), they also have a very crude sense of what is funny.

Bodily functions – in a word, well okay, two words.  To guys, this is a humor category all by itself.  Not only is it funny to belch and break wind it’s funny to expound on it, teach it and glorify it for the entire world to share. 

The times this mom sits shaking her head at the lessons her kids get from dad on this topic are many.  I’m always warning him that these teachings will come back to him but it doesn’t seem to help dissuade him. 

The other day my husband was sharing a story with me.  It was something that happened out at the swing set with our three year old son.  He has to stop several times to get the laughter under control as he’s telling me.  Long story short, my son ripped one on the swing to which he called attention and giggled at his “poo tinker.”  With the encouragement from a laughing father he tries to repeat the action.  After some unsuccessful grunts he simply says he can’t do it, he doesn’t have a battery in there.  

I agree wholeheartedly that the battery comment is totally cute and funny, it’s the poo tinkers I could do without.  But in my husband’s eyes that’s at least 50-75% of the humor in the story and he embellishes the story with sound effects to recreate the experience.  I’m serious; most of the humor in his eyes is all about the sounds and smells.  If you don’t believe me just watch Dumb & Dumber with him during the broken toilet scene.  But be prepared to use resuscitation skills because he nearly passes out with laughter.

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