WhyIt’s an age old question – why?  The power of this three letter word is incredible and stands alone.  By itself it can start conversation; put with other words it can deepen conversation and meaning while providing a handy thing called answers.

I’m thinking more and more about this three letter word today.  It started with an e-mail this morning from my daughter’s birthmom.  It was filled with pictures of the arrival of a new baby for her birthfather and his wife.  My daughter LOVES people and is enamored with the concept of family and being connected to people.  The why questions this event brought on were many, as you can well imagine, and the conversation involved trying to answer her many questions regarding half siblings which focused on the creation of said connections.  The last one she squeaked out before it was time to hop out of the car for school was “When you have sex do you take your clothes off?”  I hope and pray that I don’t get a call from the school or her teacher later about that one. ;o)

Then I was out surfing through some blog sites.  This is a relatively new activity for me as I’ve only recently become interested in the concept of the blog.  It seems that when someone isn’t copying the ideas of the few successful “how to make money” bloggers, they are linking to completely unrelated content for the isolated purpose of traffic increase or at least riding on the coat tails of the more well known bloggers (a.k.a. those with higher ratings than themselves.)  I thought about two why questions after this activity.  The first was why so many people are giving up their unique identity, talents and purpose in and effort to be like someone else (or someone else’s blog as the case may be.)  The second why came when I questioned what would cause someone to be as bitter and full of resentment as the author of another blog I came across (as a result of a wanna-be blogger who created a crap content article just to link to a site that had more traffic – argh!)  It was like reading a teenager’s blog about why authority and anything respectful “blows.” (And I’m using edited descriptions!) Something obviously happened in the author’s life that caused a major lifestyle shift and I found myself scratching my chin in question to what it could be and – you guessed it – why?

That simple three letter word has the power to move mountains.  With it comes the ability to change lives and gain wisdom.  Life is a journey it’s true, but we are the tour guides.  We choose the paths that lead to experiences and we choose how to process the many emotions and aspects related to those experiences.  They make us who we are and mold us into who we can become.  To ask the question why is like using a compass to find our way.  A simple example from my own life is the question of why you are a parent.  Is it something you chose or a consequence of another choice?  The answer brings about a very different experience.

It’s not just about doing what you do, but answering why it is you do what you do that matters most.  I truly believe when we can define that, with complete honesty, we’ll achieve the greatest happiness possible and we’ll discover what really matters.  Until that time we will fill our time, wallets, houses and appetites but still feel emptiness.  So I’ll end this post with the same question it began with: why?

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4 comments on “Why?

  1. I love the “why” question. Cause it means that the asker is thinking – trying to figure out something.

    The contrast between my two blogs:


    brings a lot of “why” questions to me from my friends that read both.

    I have a job that enables me to provide medications to patients that cannot afford them – working with pharmaceutical manufacturers. I help build the programs and get to also be involved in some of the policy decisions that are happening around Medicare Part D recipients and how that affects their eligibility for these programs. That is the best answer to the “why” of working for me. At the end of the day – I know that what I do at work touches 100,000 lives a month. People are getting drugs that they cannot otherwise afford.

    From where I was on the Street Memories blog – to being able to play with fiber, spinning etc on The String and I is a huge leap.

    It started with a “why” that my sister asked me. She opened my eyes to the idea that I might not have to stay where I ended up.

    The question points out that we have choices – even when we don’t think we do.

    Thanks for asking the question

  2. Impeccable timing: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2006/08/just_like_other.html

    Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way about blogs and bloggers. ;o)


  3. This morning I was directed to this site where the author shared how blogging is like gardening. It’s nice to see someone showing how ratings and ranks largely take care of themselves with longevity and their view of how it all works. Take a look at her thoughts: http://mamamaui.blogspot.com/2006/08/gardening-blogging.html


  4. Hi, as you may know, as I have commented here before, I am a new blogger. And while I feel what I have to say can be valuable to other moms(otherwise I would not waste my time)and want to get my site “out there”, I totally agree with your comment about blogs not having a point or supporting sites with no relativity.
    On another note, you are a poet. And very skilled in your ability to write.Thanks for your thoughts.

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