Defining the Purpose

One thing I really appreciate when I visit a site is the ability to define the site’s purpose without having to do a bunch of searching. The beauty of blogs is you can chance upon an article or link to an article that is just plain interesting to you. That’s well and good but for me this blog has another purpose beyond sharing my thoughts in posts and connecting with others who do the same.

This blog is serving as my master control program (sorry but my 3 year old LOVES the movie TRON and this phrase is burned into my brain.) My goal is to get all my sharing stuff on this site – primarily all my many files of creations for various aspects of my life. I have found incredible interest from women who share my interests, beliefs and hobbies to see what things I’ve done. So I began sharing files of things I’d done in a few specific areas on other websites and was blown away at the instant response and continued traffic even though I’ve done nothing to update or keep the sites current. But the PHP Nuke programs I used for the sites are problematic and keep giving me (and mostly my husband) major headaches. Besides that I can’t keep up with updates in all these different areas. So I decided to streamline everything and make more efficient use of my time online by using a blog.

I’m creating pages for the various content and files and I’m blogging almost daily. The pages are for backing up my many files as well as sharing them and the blogging is just something I enjoy. Interestingly enough, being able to put in text what my blog’s point is didn’t happen until just a few days ago. I was working on an article to share some insights I’d gained the night before that related to my thoughts over the weekend. The result was the realization that it was the real point of my blog: Making life a masterpiece. It sums up everything this blog is about from daily shares to past creations and projects. So that’s what this is all about, just in case you were curious or wondering what you were doing here. ;o)

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