Little By Little

HopeBlocksToday marks the renewal of a goal I set and began work on a few years ago. It’s to get all my files digitalized and backed up on a place other than my home computer. I’m trying not to picture the elephant task that it is so as to avoid getting squashed. I hope to spend just a few minutes every day adding to it once I get the structure in place. Today was the first step as I began creating pages for the content.

I am computer crazy. I’m always designing stuff on my computer whether it’s for a class, leadership position, invitations for friends or family – whatever, the point is I love desktop publishing and creating. So I have thousands of files and I’ve found some areas where people actually like seeing what I’ve done to use in their own circles or at least spark some creativity for their own ideas. In the past I tried PHP Nuke sites for my SharingWithYW site┬áto upload and share these files. But administration has been more complicated and hackers are prone to these sites which really stinks. The beauty of the blog is the ability it gives me to begin streamlining all these projects and sites more efficiently while remaining current. I don’t have to give up keeping up with daily projects just to get caught up on old back burner projects. This keeps me happy about my progress and succeeding. It also gives me the ability to keep all those other spheres connected to my current life instead of collecting dust which is good given that my Sharing site still generates hundreds of visitors each day. I’m excited about the transition and will be really happy when my baby is out of its cocoon and flying. Maybe then I’ll feel like I’ve found that organized state I’ve been searching for most of my life. Or maybe I’ll just end up chasing my butterfly. Either way life will be full and busy and that’s a good thing.

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